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Back 40 Services

We began by getting deep in the back forty of some properties in Forest Acres and Columbia, but we are in no way limited to only doing such.

We have restored and managed some beautiful properties in the area. Every home owner has their own desires and budget. And, we appreciate this. We will assist most anyone and want to have a long lasting relationship with our customers. 

Aeshtically pleasing plants and healthy care are key to a gorgeous property over its lifetime for any property owner or property manager.

Following are some of the services we offer:

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Property Pruning Program

Trimming is not pruning and pruning is not trimming. Pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees are not the same, either by purpose or technique. We love and appreciate the appeal of sound and perhaps artistic trimming, but trimming alone does not address the overall health of trees and shrubs, while proper pruning accomplishes both.

Click here to learn more about 3P.

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Shaping and Trimming

We trim, prune and shape with thought and some sound artistic license based upon growth habit and surrounding landscape, while paying close attention to your desires and your plants' abilities. Attention, timing and skill are essential to having healthy shrubs and trees over time. Some of our favorite customers are Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Maples and Loropetalums, to name a few.

Cut Back and Clean Up

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Removing and cutting back unwanted growth from your property's lawn, shrubs and trees - making things healthier and more attractive. It's wonderful what attention to detail and passion can produce.

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Tree and Shrub Rehab

It's amazing what your plants have done over the seasons. We will get inside, underneath and alongside them and work with what is going on, eliminate what is going wrong, bring them back to a better life and make things more presentable and manageable.

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Basic Lawn Maintenance

We cut with a walk-behind mulching mower whenever possible - there are benefits. Edging and re-establishing natural borders are tasks which keep your property looking sharp. Also, we don't throw pine straw - we lay it.  

We are not currently in the "mow, edge, blow and go" business. This is a service we only offer to customers for whom we are providing total landscape management.

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Soil Testing and Fertilizing

We collect soil samples from your property, have them lab-analyzed and return the results and fertilization recommendations to you. We also provide fertilizing services on a schedule throughout the year based on those recommendations.

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Lawn Core Aeration

Probably one of the best things you can do for the health of the soil and grass in your lawn is to ocassionally core aerate it or do so when it is obviously compacted or not performing well.

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Sprinkler/Irrigation Systems

We work with a friend and owner of an irrigation company which has been in business for over 25 years. I personally have worked with him on various projects - installation, additions, troubleshooting and repair.

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Flower Bed and Pot Arrangements

Successful and beautiful plant beds can be planned with proper consideration, while potted plants afford one the opportunity to more easily affect the health and beauty of the plant or arrangement. A little thought and planning goes a long way. Colorscaping can make the average property aesthetically irresitable to the eye. 

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Deck and Patio Restoration

We have seen some beautiful patios and decks overlooking some awesome landscapes. Extend the life of your deck and enjoy it more by protecting and beautifying it. Don't replace your deck - restore and maintain it.

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Pressure Washing

The great part of living in this area is all the wonderful flora and growth we have. The side effect is what this all places on our patios, decks and driveways - our homes. We pressure wash various surfaces while employing other cleaning techniques if needed, always paying attention to the surrounding and underlying landscape.

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Water Erosion / Drainage

Mother Nature affords us so much and provides us so much beauty, yet she has her ways.

Although she may be the cause of so much distress of properties, her results can be minimized with some sound diagnosis along with efficient and economical solutions.

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Landscape Lighting

Whether for accessibility, aesthetics or security for your property, or to highlight that favorite shrub or tree, we will assist you with selection and installation of landscape lighting. 

We can also save you utility costs by using some of the latest lighting technology.

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Anything Else?

Just ask.

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