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Project - Off Trenholm Road - CB, CU, Beautify and Maintain

  • The Back Yard Before
  • The Back Yard After
  • The Crazy Corner Before
  • The Crazy Corner After
  • The Back Fence Before
  • The Back Fence After
The Back Yard Before1 The Back Yard After2 The Crazy Corner Before3 The Crazy Corner After4 The Back Fence Before5 The Back Fence After6

The property owner is more than willing to give testimonials via phone. They can contact you, or you, them; however you wish.

This  was definitely a cut back and clean up project; however, that may seem deceptive. To us this doesn't mean taking a bush hog and a weed eater and going-to-town. That may be great for less substantial growth, but anything substantial needs to be taken out of the ground, cut back below the ground or cut back as far as possible.

While cutting back new lower growth from trees and establishing a canopy we look for detrimental cross and dead branches as well as vines, which can all affect branch and foliage growth as well as the health of the tree.  We must have removed at least 1500 feet of vines from trees, fencing and along the ground.

Simply spending some quality time with a tree or shrub, getting inside the plant, can produce some wonderful results.

This yard doesn't look like Augusta National (Other than mowing, the lawn was not addressed.), but the owner did say, "I now want to come back here. I should have a party."

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Please contact us if you wish to have the property owner contact you or receive communication from you.

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