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Project - Off Stepp Drive - Cut Back and Clean Up Back Yard

  • Patio Area Before
  • Patio Area After
  • Along Back Fence Before
  • Along Back Fence After
  • Along Back of Home Before
  • Along Back of Home After
  • Back Yard Before
  • Back Yard After
Patio Area Before1 Patio Area After2 Along Back Fence Before3 Along Back Fence After4 Along Back of Home Before5 Along Back of Home After6 Back Yard Before7 Back Yard After8

Those responsible for this property are more than willing to give testimonials via e-mail or phone. They can contact you, or you, them; however you wish.

They will be the first to admit that much of this property needed help. We toured the entire property and they agreed to us looking at this project in stages.

This was the second project for this property, which was mostly ground-work and removal of just a few problem branches, small trees and vines. Most clearing of unwanted ground growth was done by digging out and pulling roots or cutting back to ground level if unable to do so - much time was spent on hand-and-knee. Trimming was done of all shrubs remaining.

Although no new sodding or any other planting was done, we are certain you will see an extreme difference between the before and after photos. Further beautification is now imaginable. 

See the other project for this property.

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Please contact us if you wish to have the property owner contact you or receive communication from you.

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