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Project - Off Lakeshore Drive - Cut Back and Clean Up Front Yard

  • Left Front Before
  • Left Front After
  • Left Wing Before
  • Left Wing After
  • Middle Front Before
  • Middle Front After
  • Right Wing Before
  • Right Wing After
  • Right Drive After
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The property owner is more than willing to give testimonials via e-mail or phone. They can contact you, or you, them; however you wish.

Much of what we do involves uncovering and overcoming what used to be from what is now covered, afflicted or killed by what nature-unattended has done to a property. Then we remove or cut back as far as possible any unwanted, foreign and new growth.

We then trim and shape with a plan based on ours and/or the customer's original intentions or based on what is now exposed and realized.

This property was no exception; removing dead plants suffocated by vines and foreign growth slowly taking over otherwise attractive and healthy shrubs, and raising the canopies of a variety of trees and bushes so they can be more easily managed in the future.

Viewing this home for the first time it was not quite so obvious there was only one home on the property. The center of the home was obscured by so much growth, mostly unwanted, not simply overgrown, leading one to believe there may be two detached structures here.

The owner knew he had "let the yard go", as many do - unfortunately they usually aren't aware of what has taken place beyond the obvious. The wonderful view of the lake is no longer as it now more resembles an overgrown prairie. Perhaps we can continue to work with the owner in making his property its own wonderful vista.

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Please contact us if you wish to have the property owner contact you or receive communication from you.

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