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About Back 40 Landscape Restoration and Maintenance

Roughly five years ago I began landscaping and performing other tasks for a family friend. She said I should do what I do for others.

Seeing a wonderfully manicured property or even one brought back to life from near death or lack of maintenance, ready to grow and be the beautiful property it once was, or can be, is exciting to me.

After this prompting from this friend I found myself in a few back yards in the Columbia area pulling vines, clearing unwanted ground and tree growth - getting things somewhat manageable and more attractive. There’s much more to it now.

Most of our work is done on hand-and-knee, inside a shrub or under a tree.

Cut-back and clean-up of properties is where it began, but we also perform other landscaping projects and maintenance and are more than willing to handle other concerns you have regarding your landscape.

We would love to bring back your property and/or keep it healthy and attractive.

Please check out some of our previous and on-going projects at Project Photos above or feel free to contact us.

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