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Property Pruning Program

Trimming is not pruning and pruning is not trimming. Pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees are not the same, either by purpose or technique. We love and appreciate the appeal of sound and perhaps artistic trimming, but trimming alone does not address the overall health of trees and shrubs, while proper pruning accomplishes both. (See the difference by viewing the images below.)

Pruning is a task which has an objective, either for health (airflow, light exposure, natural maturation, reducing vulnerability to disease), aesthetics, or both, using proper technique in regard to how a plant grows and responds to cutting based on many physiological and environmental factors. With this in mind, proper pruning almost always involves a closer look at a given plant and its health, signs of degradation and future performance. Pruning can also be performed to promote more sound structure and foliage, larger flowers and fruits for a plant overall, or the same for a specific aesthetic focal area of a plant. Proper pruning, along with other nutritional and environmental care, typically leads to the longer life of plants on one's property.

While most everyone enjoys the look of nicely trimmed hedges or shrubs, pruning has many other benefits:

• Overall health
• More natural maturation
• More plentiful or more robust flowers and fruits
• Prevention or reduction of disease or spread of disease
• Better adaptation after planting or transplanting
• Rehabilitation
• Aesthetics, as well (See images below.)

In fact, shrubs which are often (rightfully so) trimmed may need to be pruned more often. And, depending on type of plant, much of this can be performed throughout the year or over several years, and not just during the growing season.

Pruning is an art, but not without science (morphology - how plants grow), the specifics of various plants and the proper cutting techniques.

3P provides:

• A property visit to meet with you, discuss your property’s plants and take an inventory of at least those which will need attention over the next three or so months.
• Addressing any plants or situations which may need more immediate attention and addressing your concerns or any favorites or specimen trees or shrubs you want cared for.
• Your program could also include mulching, irrigation, amending, relocation, etc. and removal of dying, diseased or dead shrubs and trees.
• A proposal addressing performance of such a project(s).
• A journal of when and what type of pruning was performed in order to track results and effectiveness.

There is a $20.00 fee for a property visit within three miles of Forest Acres and only a $30.00 fee for travel within three to seven mile radius. Travel further out will be discussed with the customer.

You can choose this to be a seasonal service if you wish. Feel free to have us perform one project first to see what we can provide.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule a property visit.

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Japanese Maple - Before Pruning
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Joyous Japanese Maple - After Pruning

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