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Back 40 Landscape Restoration and Maintenance

This all began by loving to get in the "back forty" of properties of Forest Acres and Columbia, South Carolina and "cutting back and cleaning up". This has become much more and will with every new property we visit and every project we undertake. 

Over time we found we were restoring the landscape of many of our customers' properties and then, maintaining them.

Landscape restoration is taking a thorough look at the landscape, its layout, its plants, the surrounding environment and determining what could and should have been, and at least getting it back to a state where doing so is even possible. There are two aspects to landscape maintenance - aesthetics and health.

At most, it is about some creative planning, pruning and trimming, along with a dose of healthcare and future considerations added in, and beautifying the landscape. This includes trees, shrubs, plants and beds.

We still do some basic lawn service tasks such as mowing, edging and blowing, but usually only for those customers for which we are doing more - property landscape management, so-to-speak.

We love to take an area of priority or importance for a property owner and address this first, for two reasons. First, restoring some property landscapes, in entirety, or even the thought of doing so can be overwhelming for both the customer and us, for a variety of reasons. Secondly, we have no problem telling the customer, "See what we can do first."

Depending on time of year and scheduling we also enjoy performing other tasks which can enhance a home owner's property. 

There are other tasks beyond the scope of what you will find here, so just ask.  

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule a property visit.

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Back 40 Landscape Restoration and Maintenance

Forest Acres/Columbia, South Carolina


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